Success Stories


The Streeter Family’s Story

Last winter, Focus on Ferals gave our feral cat colony the best Christmas gift ever. In mid-December, a representative stopped by our house and offered their services to spay and neuter all the cats we had living on our porch.

At first we were reluctant, expecting some sort of catch, but there was none. Shortly after we gave them the go-ahead, all our kitties were humanely trapped and taken off to the veterinarian.

In all, they spayed and neutered 11 cats, which was more than we realized we were feeding. They even attempted to locate homes for a couple of them, as well. After getting a clean bill of health, the cats were returned to us, and took up residence back on our porch as if nothing had happened.

This spring, there were no catfights at two in the morning to disturb our sleep, and, best of all, no litters of kittens to fuss over and try to find homes for. Our colony is healthy and happy, living a life free from worries, thanks to the help of Focus on Ferals.

-The Streeter Family, Grand Rapids, MI




Judy’s Story

Dear Gina,

I will always remember how relieved and grateful I was to find you through HSKC (Humane Society of Kent County) as I watched the lovely but very pregant calico cat wandering aimlessly around my mothers neighborhood.

I named her “Teardrop”-and two litters later she, and all of her beautiful offspring have found homes. Thanks to you of course. Three of them live with me; they are little dolls, and since then it seems that a few more “wanderers” have drifted my way. Because of your dedication , example and help they will always be cared for as well.

Thanks again for all that you do. It seems that all too often cats are left out of the loop of love and importance, and there will never be enough Gina’s to help make a difference.

Judy M. June 21, 2007




Lynn’s Story

The sign on Ottawa County Human Society says, “If every cat had a home then every household would have 42 cats.”

This breaks my heart and I’m sure it breaks the heart of Gina Marvin of Focus on Ferals.

We learned about Focus on Ferals when a friend told us she could help us “fix” the male feral we were feeding, now two male ferals. Kitten season arrived and we were asked to act as a foster family. Both Gina and I figured out we weren’t any good with kittens but we have been fostering adults ever since.

Do we enjoy them? Yes. Is it hard to give them up? Yes. Do we miss them? Yes. However, it is very gratifying to receive an email letting us know one of our fosters has found a home and to know we had a small part in the process.

I hope you will consider opening your heart and home to adopt an additional kitten or cat. If you simply can’t take any more cats like us please consider other gifts. This is an organization truly deserving of your gifts of money, time, supplies or fostering. Or maybe you could provide food, water and shelter to a colony of feral cats.

Lynn F.