WANTED: Volunteers and Foster Homes…

Here at Focus on Ferals we do a little bit of everything that involves cat rescue. But we have two major functions. One is TNR, which is spay and neuter of all stray and feral cats, with the purposes of population control and improving the quality of life. The second is adoption of kittens we have rescued. FOF was created mainly for TNR. We would love to just do TNR! But kittens come with the territory, and we much prefer to tame and adopt them than to fix and return them. This is where we really need you!

It used to be there was a “kitten season”, which was kind of in the spring and summer. But kitten season is now basically all the time from March through December. We get a lull in Jan-Feb, which gives the older kittens (we call them teenagers) and the adoptable adults a chance to find homes. But the rest of the year we are swimming in babies! We are the only rescue that takes in, socializes, and adopts out feral kittens. We get many calls referred to us by other rescues and shelters, in addition to the calls from the general public. We get more calls for help with feral kittens than we can possibly handle. That is because we are limited by space, time and money.

Our kitten adoption center can only comfortably house 15-20 kittens. We have another space available to us which could double the number of kittens we can accommodate. But we need the volunteers to staff it first. We also have a handful of foster homes, but if we could get several more, we could increase our intake. Foster homes provide invaluable help because it is best for the kittens to be in a normal home environment for socialization. It also helps to keep them healthy because at the shelter they are constantly exposed to illness. If you want to foster, but don’t have experience with feral kittens, we always have kittens who are already tame. If you would prefer to foster adult cats, we have those too! We have friendly moms who are nursing babies. We have feral moms nursing babies. We have pretty much every type of cat/kitten in our program, and we can match the foster cat(s) to your home.
Our major requirement for both foster homes and volunteers is that you are dependable. We need dedicated people who are willing and able to be there for the cats.

FOF Needs People Like You

If you are seriously interested in fostering, please email us today!

If you are unable to commit to fostering or volunteering, we also have opportunities that can work with your schedule.  We are always looking or people who have the following skills:

General carpentry: creating interactive perches and cat trees for our adoption center.

Light Maintenance: fixing and maintaining our facility. For example, replacing light fixtures and window screens.

Sewing: making cat beds, cage covers, blankets and hammocks for our furry friends at the shelter.

If you are creative and love cats, we are open to any ideas you may have of how to improve our residents stay!