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Focus on Ferals has been notified of an urgent situation involving a colony of at least 25 feral cats, in the metro Grand Rapids, area.  We have dispatched our Director, Gina Marvin, to assess the condition of the colony and we need your help, today!

We seek to identify a permanent caregiver to feed and water cats daily. We need a few heroes to step up and provide sponsorship donations for an approximate monthly food expense of $150. We also need sponsors for at least 5 sick cats, who need to be trapped and medicated.  Becoming a hero for these kitties is simple, just complete the form on this page and select a donation amount.

It is advisable to keep this colony in it’s current location, for the time being. Some of the cats are 8-10 years old, and it’s in their best interest to stay where they are familiar.

If you, or someone you know is interested in becoming a caregiver, we would love to hear from you today.

Please send an email to: michele@focusonferals.org


Focus on Ferals has successfully trapped 2 of the 5 sick and injured cats, and we intend to get the remaining 3 ASAP.  Our director Gina has coordinated with our vet, to provide much needed medical care and medications.  We have located a temporary caregiver to feed and water this colony, but we still seek to identify a permanent caregiver to provide long-term support.   Thank you for the $160 in donations that we have received thus far, we still need generous people to help us complete the job – so please share this page.  Stay tuned for status updates.

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